​​​New Years Day

New Year’s day opened up the Avalanche stage with their new single ‘kill or be killed’ and the tent began to fill with curious attendees. It was a great set which no doubt gave them more fans too.



The Triple J unearthed winners showed us why they deserved to be on the Ascension Stage. The band opened with their new single ‘New Infinite’ and, despite the sun burning down, they got everyone moving. The crowd even got amongst it all and did a wall of death! It was a rad set. 


I Prevail

I Prevail are no strangers to the Australia shores but, being their first festival here, they made sure to start heavy. The band opened their set with the new single ‘Bow Down’ and damn did the mosh pit move. The band thanked Triple J for adding their new single ‘Breaking Down’ to rotation and announced they’d be back in November!

Slaves (UK)

Slaves (UK) were not a band I thought I’d see but damn did they have stage presence. Not only did Isaac kick over the drums during ‘Fuck the Hi-hat’ but both him and Laurie crowd surfed to end the set. It was super high energy and enjoyed by all in attendance.


This is a band that many had no interest in seeing yet left wanting more. It was great that Jason spoke regarding safe space for females at shows and also told the crowd to have ‘Strength in numb333rs’ by opposing the NSW government shutting down live music. For them to open with ‘Burn It’ showed they weren’t here to play around. This is a band to watch!


It was great to see Behemoth mix it up in Melbourne by wearing white masks as opposed to the black ones they wore in Sydney. The production sadly fell bleak under the harsh sun but that didn’t stop them playing bangers like ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ and ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’. 


Anthrax pulled one hell of a crowd for a late afternoon set. Not only did they have an epic back drop but  hearing ‘Caught in a mosh’ live and seeing everyone lose it during ‘Indians’ was awesome! 

The Amity Affliction

The guys in The Amity Affliction have chosen to open up the Aus tour of ‘Misery’ with Download and I was not disappointed. They opened with fan favourite ‘Drag The Lake’ kicking it off with a bang (literally). Then had to stop halfway through ‘I bring the weather with me’ due to a fan in the mosh needing assistance. But overall it was a performance which no doubt, with Ahren confirming, will be a big pull for the upcoming Aus tour.


Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry are the young māori band making waves in the heavy community. The guys opened with ‘PC bro’ but it was their third track ‘kai tangata’ which had the crowd get loose. It was then you could also spot most the kiwi fans in attendance too. The boys delivered a heavy head-banging set which no doubt solidified their Aus support.

Rise Against

Can you ever be mad disappointed Rise Against? They play all the hits such as ‘Satellite’, ‘Prayer of the refugee’ and even finished their set with ‘Saviour’. The mosh pit was constantly moving and it was a fun one to watch.



Polaris have made a name for themselves both locally and overseas but damn did Melbourne turn out for the Sydney Metallers. I thoroughly loved hearing ‘The Remedy’ live and with the yelling the crowd was doing, it’s no doubt they did too.

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains opened up with ‘Bleed the Freak’ just as the sun was going down. The crowd turned out in numbers and, despite the direct sun, many still decided to mosh. But it was definitely ‘Man in the Box’ that had everyone yelling the words back.


Kiwi Rockers Devilskin never disappoint. The band opened up with ‘Pray’ which got everyone hyped before moving into ‘Elvis Presley Circle Pit’. The multi-colour lighting worked well as the band led the festival into the night. 

Thy Art is Murder

Okay we need to discuss the epic circle pit that Thy Art is Murder got going during their set! It was insanely large and the bands production was simple but damn was it effective - they had pyro technics during ‘Holy War’ and epic lighting during ‘The purest strain of hate’. It was one of the best sets of the festivals - in my opinion.


Judas Priest

It’s one thing to sit in a bar area and listen to Judas Priest, but it is a damn better sight to stand amongst the crowd and watch them play ‘lightning strike’.  It was a huge crowd to get into but once you’re there all you see are fans loving the night time performance. And Rob coming out on the motorbike of course!


It was a band worth waiting for. Slayer fucking killed the closing set - not only did they open with ‘Repentless’ but they also performed ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ and ‘Raining Blood’. It was a passionate mosh pit being lead by a legendary band and it was a damn good time.



I caught a couple of songs from Halestorm and Lzzy Hale is a powerhouse. Her vocals accompanied by the amazing instrumental from the band no doubt make Halestorm who they are today. They performed ‘Black Vultures’ which proved a crowd favourite.



I had terrible timing with Ghost's set as, as soon as I was in the mosh pit, the cardinal said “do you like to have your asses wobbled?” and 

“don’t you like to have your teets tickled?” of which the crowd enthusiastically responded “YES!” to both questions. That lead the band into ‘Dance Macabre’ and it was a very active mosh pit! The cardinal later confirming the crowd both had their asses wobbled and their teets tickled after that song. It was an entertaining way to finish Download Melbourne 2019!