Ice Nine Kills


The band slowly made their way on to stage and dove straight into The American Nightmare. The make-up and outfits were on point, given the hot conditions of the day. As well as the crowd interaction, he armed himself with props such as a machete & an axe for The Jig is Up and Savages. If you were bored during their set, you were clearly not watching properly. They were insane!


The Veronicas


You knew the crowd would be a huge turnout, just for the wall alone. But the crowd was vast and only got more condensed when the sisters kicked it all off with Take me on the floor. The setlist was full of tunes such as Hook Me Up, 4eva and of course Untouched. The Veronicas opened up the crowd, and let the crowd know when to go. It was something you had to be part of to fully understand what an iconic moment it was. The wall of death proved to be a success, despite the huge crowd collapse at the end. And the best part, it contained a mad number of females too!




I may have only caught the last 2 songs but damn it made me wish I was there for the whole set. Not only was Will with the barrier crowd majority of the time, but they got everyone on shoulders for the last track Empire. He even made a point to say “if you just showed up, thank you”. It was one of Liam’s last shows with Windwaker but the high energy set couldn’t have been a more perfect send off for him.


Slowly Slowly


For many who don’t journey out of a genre, Slowly Slowly are a band that you want to listen to regardless! Their set is high energy, they have great tunes such as Jellyfish, Aliens and a new banger called Safety Switch. The crowd was singing along the whole time and got amongst it, with a wave of crowd surfers coming over the barrier for the majority of the set. What a rad time!


Enter Shikari


If you saw Enter Shikari at any of their sideshows, you would know how insane their set is. From the crowd interaction, to weird dance moves and topping it all off with amazing tunes. You can’t go wrong watching their set. They kicked off their set with Stop the clocks and ended it with Live Outside – plus they threw in some old tunes for everyone too. There was a moment where Rou tripped over a cable, pulling Chris’ keys off stage and spilling his drink all over the place. He then lied across the speaker, apologised to Chris and carried on.  It was still a great set.



Falling in Reverse


Despite starting with technical issues, the guys in Falling in Reverse picked it up and smashed through their set. Whilst they did play throwbacks, like I’m not a Vampire and Fashionably Late, they surprisingly didn’t play their killer new single ‘Popular Monster’ which I was quite surprised about. It was nice to see Derek in good spirits despite the recent events he’d gone through personally. And his band of brothers pulled together and put on a fun show for all.


Thy Art is Murder


I don’t even know what to say in this part other than ‘Did you see that wall?” I was personally stoked that they played the purest strain of hate, human target and more. CJ addressed the crowd with a perfect “Melbourne c**nts what’s up?”  The crowd was a rough one to endure but it looked like everyone wanted to participate. Again, did you see that wall?!


Violent Soho


It was great to see their classic design stage banner hanging in the sunset. They cranked into some great tunes such as Like soda, Vacation Forever and Covered in Chrome. After all of these tracks the band reminded the crowd that they have not played in Melbourne for 3 years – Their last show being at Festival Hall! And now they had a solid crowd of people moshing like they never left. They were surprised by the amount of toilet paper getting thrown on stage (thanks Simple Plan!) but still played through as the sun set.


A Day To Remember


From all the pyro, confetti and lighting to all the bangers such as Have Faith In Me, Sticks & Bricks and Resentment. It was great to hear the crowd get louder and louder with each track. You had the band thanking security for catching the waves of people coming over the front, just before more toilet paper and beach balls entered the air. It was an amazing set (as always) and now we can only hope they come back soon with a separate show of their own.


Parkway Drive


Many would have seen most of what the band did, during their Reverence tour, however you were not ready for the extras. They kicked it off by doing a crowd walk to stage, before starting their set with wishing wells. The setlist was full of songs from almost every album, including the fan favourite carrion. You had Pyro lighting up all around them, Ben spinning on his drums and their lighting shining out into the never-ending crowd. It was such an epic set to end your day on! They finished off the set by announcing a June Arena tour, which has now been announced with support from Hatebreed and Every Time I die.